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As an Amazon Associate I earn a small percentage of your purchases

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#ad #CommissionsEarned As an Amazon Associate I earn a small percentage of your purchases
Kit includes a PLOW and a SPOUT

One Can




1 can $11.95

2 cans $22.99

3 cans $32.99

4 cans $41.99

Case of 12 cans $114.72 (20% off retail)

The Fits-All Paint Can Spout, if used as directed, can allow you to pour paint out of a can without getting ANY paint into the groove to start with.  One Spout can last a lifetime.

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Free Shipping: We do ship and we do it within 24 hours.  We typically use USPS.  Smaller orders are First Class, 3 or more cans are Priority Mail.  Cases go out via UPS ground.  As the manufacturer, I typically include some "extras" in every order.  Select a Bloxygen Option / order size below.

Amazon Prime: We do sell on Amazon too, but they will charge a bit more, charge tax, and we cannot include any extras.

eBay: We do have an eBay store.  Click here. 

Kit includes a PLOW and a SPOUT

Two Can


The Paint Plow can clean the groove on your can and prevent air leaks which will ruin any finish.  One Plow can last a lifetime.

What is our KIT?  It's a best practice...

One can Kit $14.30     Two can Kit $24.95