Have you ever opened up leftover paint to find that it had thickened or completely crusted over?  Of course you have.  Bloxygen uses Argon, a natural but heavy, completely inert gas, to preserve ANY product that is sensitive to oxygen or moisture.

Inert Gas Preservation System: Preserve varnish and use every drop; just spray, seal, and store. During storage, the oxygen or moisture that's sealed in the container continues to cure and thicken your stored product, ruining the leftovers.  This is wasteful, time consuming, and messy.  Sometimes, hardened particles can clog spray guns, run the final finish, or destroy the remaining liquid.

Waste: In the USA alone, the EPA showed that about 65 to 69 million gallons of paint are thrown away each year, and about 15% of that is oil-based. That's a line of quart cans from Los Angeles to New York tossed out each year.

Each can of Bloxygen can prevent SEVENTY FIVE quarts from oxygen or moisture damage.  By using a heavy blanket of protective inert gas to purge the container, you can store your finish safely and use ALL your finish, not just the first half.

Uses: Oil Based Paint, Stain, Oil-based Inks, Oil based Stains, Varnish, Urethane, Polished Metals, Polyurethane, Printing Chemicals, Gunpowder, Catalysts, Auto Body Chemicals and Coatings, Liquor, Photo Chemicals, Furniture Refinishing Chemicals, Chemical Compounds, Wine, Liquor, Olive Oil, Makeup, Seeds, Fuel Additives, Marine Coatings, Polyurethane Glue, Tung Oil, or Epoxy.  Basically, anything that is sensitive to damage from oxygen or moisture.

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Spray, Seal and Store.  Use every drop of your finish.