The best products that WE use in our shop.  These are affiliate links and we will get a small percentage of your purchase price for the referral.  It will not cost you any more.  Thanks for the support, we know you will enjoy these handpicked items.

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Safety item.  Simple.  JessEm makes beautiful tools and invented the router lift.  I've been using their tools ever since.  We all know that the SawStop can minimize a blade - skin contact injury, but KICKBACKS are, by far, more common and can be equally as dangerous.

This tool, and only this tool, prevent nearly all kickbacks.  I've had one installed since they came out and use it daily.  It's simple to use, equally simple to move out of the way, and is easy to install. 

This product is so simple, but it works.  You can remove rust from old tools or even a saw top.  It's one of the only things I found that really works better than vinegar.

Here are a couple of the cyclones available on Amazon. If you know Oneida, you know they are quality.  Made in the USA.  Top shelf.  I have their LARGE one in my shop.

We do more than just finishing.  Here are some really good products for vehicles, boating, and LIFE.

The black ox hair Purdy brush will be your new favorite as soon as you use it.  If you take good care of them, they will last a lifetime, so consider this an investment in good, smooth finishes.  Badger hair brushes hold a TON of material and are great for stain as the hairs are very thin and these brushes are thick with lots of hair. 

These glue bottles are just transformative.  What a great design.  for the larger one, I shove a small piece of paper towel up the red cap and wet it.  That'll prevent the glue from hardening on the tip.  I actually have multiple bottles of each size for the different glues I use.

Also a safety item.  Simple.  Use these simple and automatic motion activated LED lights to eliminate your blind spots.  We have some in our pantry cubbord, our shop cabinets, and over our utility sink.  The batteries seems (4 x AAA) seem to last forever and I love that it's completely automatic.  It comes with a self adhesive strip magnet or you can use velcro to attach them.  Great product.

We are working on a "Dust Deputy" type of cyclone separator for the table saw blade guard and for the chop saw dust pickup.  The shop vac filter gets clogged very quickly and these are some of the tools we found to help.  See a video here and here. Now, you can get a Life Latch bucket that has a 11 gallon capacity with a sturdy square bottom here for less:

One tube will last a lifetime.  Use this lubricant to protect, seal, and lube your rubber seals on your vehicle.  We've found lots of other uses.  Anything that is a polymer will degrade over time.  This really helps and you only have to apply it once a year or so.