Kit includes a PLOW and a SPOUT
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Two Can


The Paint Plow can clean the groove on your can and prevent air leaks which will ruin any finish.  One Plow can last a lifetime.

Item                      IronWood Designs SKU               ASIN                  GTIN-12 (U.P.C.)               Amazon SKU          Amazon MAP Price    Price per can
BloxygenCan              798304002607               B0002088O8              798304002607             798304002607                    $11.95                 $11.95
BloxygenCan              BloxygenCan                  B0002088O8              867066000319             798304002607                    $11.95                 $11.95
BloxygenTwoCans      BloxygenTwoCans          B01MU589ZQ            867066000326            BloxygenTwoCans                 $22.99                $11.50
BloxygenThreeCans   BloxygenThreeCans       B01MR0MCWZ         867066000333           BloxygenThreeCans               $32.99                 $11.00
BloxygenFourCans     BloxygenFourCans         B01N1WZFX1           867066000340           BloxygenFourCans                 $41.99                 $10.50
BloxygenCaseOf12     BloxygenCaseOf12        B01MZ4DTKB           867066000302            JW-JG7J-XM5V                     $114.72                $9.56
BloxygenOneCanKit    BloxygenOneCanKit      B01MS1XN0Z            867066000357            HW-PYAV-6SXW                    $14.30     
BloxygenTwoCanKit    BloxygenTwoCanKit       B01N4IL6T3              867066000364            HL-BW3J-8YHK                     $24.95    

Kit includes a PLOW and a SPOUT

One Can


What is our KIT?  It's a best practice...



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1 can $11.95

2 cans $20.99

3 cans $29.99

4 cans $38.99

Case of 12 cans $114.72 (20% off retail)

The Fits-All Paint Can Spout, if used as directed, can allow you to pour paint out of a can without getting ANY paint into the groove to start with.  One Spout can last a lifetime.