The Latest Bloxygen News (November 2022): 

We just added an eBay Store

Larry in Ogden, UT says "I have used Bloxygen for several years. I do

a lot of work on my sailboat. A Quart of Cetol costs about  $45.00.

Every time I would re-open the can there would be a thick rubbery

layer on top of the un-used Cetol. If I use Bloxygen I don't have that

problem. Bloxygen has saved me a lot of money."

Our new Bloxygen Video is OUT!  Click Here

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We just created a new Bloxygen Instruction Manual.  Handy.

The Jon Peters Lily Table video is out.  Another great

lesson in woodworking design, technique, and finishing

from the master.  We were proud to sponsor this.

The Jon Peters Top 5 Wood video is up and running! 

The Jon Peters Cherry Bench build video is here.

Instagram?  Yep

Southwinds magazine

did a wonderful spotlight

on me.  Great

background on how

Bloxygen was


We made a video showing SOME

of our many, many uses:

The latest "new uses" from our amazing customer reviews

Rubber roofing sealant, Tru-Oil gun stock finish, PVC glue,

liquid electrical tape, Smooth-on FeatherLite resin, Gorilla Glue,

Cetol, Tung Oil Sealer, Dual pane windows, Plastic casting,

Industrial Clear Coat, and Wood Fillers.  Whew!

Suite Pieces Video Review?  HERE!

Gushing.  Just gushing over our recent review

in Ageless Iron where prolific author and

restoration expert Tharran Gaines called Bloxygen

the NUMBER 1 "Must-Have Restoration Product." A link to the article is here.

Reviews on Amazon are difficult to get. We contact all buyers via email and still get about

the same response rate as other sellers, only about 1 in a 100 buyers write a review. Here

are our reviews for January. Pretty cool:

The Wood Wisperer Video is HERE!

We got a nice review from Practical Sailor!

The plow and spout are shown in our Best Practices Video.

BoatU.S. Article.  Thank you to Boat U.S. and boat maintenance legend Don Casey

for a great write-up in their newsletter:Article Link

Wood Magazine article.  The November issue of Wood Magazine, on

page 12, contains a full page article on "Secrets to Keep Your Finish Fresh." 

The editors at Wood correctly note that "keeping finish fresh requires limiting

the liquid's contact with oxygen and storing it at a finish-friendly temperature." 

They discuss protecting the can seal, using a secondary container, and

preventing oxygen damage by either using marbles, using a smaller container,

or using Bloxygen.  The choice, as far as we are concerned, is easy.  Bloxygen

is quick, easy, and you can use your original, labeled container.  In quarts,

Bloxygen costs about 15 cents per use.  A sound investment if you can avoid

the hassle of damaged finish, filtering, or losing track of expensive finishes.

Peachtree Woodworking,a creative and proud Georgia based company with an amazing catalog now carries Bloxygen too.  Their website says that the are "Building Lifelong Relationships" and "We are in the business of satisfying customers." We couldn't have said it better. A perfect fit. They have woodworkers meetings every Saturday.  We're glad to be part of the family. 

Editorial Approval! Don Casey, the prolific author, Sail Magazine contributor, and boat repair expert, is a Bloxygen fan. In a recent email to us he says: "Your product makes the kind of stop and start varnishing I do as bright-work maintenance so incredibly much easier. I do turn on every other varnisher I meet to the varnish-saving magic of Bloxygen. I do not recommend

many products; this is one I do without reservation."  Thank you for the excellent compliment, Don!

Editorial Approval!  David Marks gave a really nice writeup recommending Bloxygen in the November-December issue of Woodworker West Magazine! Santa Rosa based, David's TV show, WoodWorks, was wildly popular in our home. His mastery of the craft is unquestioned and he is an excellent speaker and teacher. We're honored! Thank you!

New Products!  As seen in our videos, FoamPRO makes a couple products that will help you save time, save waste, and get a good seal on your original paint cans.  One is the Paint Plow and the other is the Fits-All Paint Can Spout.  They will last you a lifetime and each is just $1.79 on our Purchase page.  

Got Rust? We live on the coast of California and, I assure you, we do. Rust Bullet makes some amazing

coatings that can be used as a powerful rust preventers. See Rust Bullet for more. They now distribute

Bloxygen all over the USA.

The April 2011 issue of Woodworker's Journal contains a great article by Michael Dresdner called "Finish On Your Shelf: Use It or Lose It" which calls Bloxygen the "best choice" to prevent in-can curing of saved finishes. Michael notes that the EPA has estimated at 65 MILLION gallons of paint per year are thrown away in the USA.

Thank you to Sail Magazine and Don Casey (my personal hero and the go-to guy for boat repair and maintenance techniques). Don wrote a nice editorial response in the March 2011 issue of Sail recommending Bloxygen over a writer's idea of using a Pump N Seal to pull a vacuum on his leftover finish containers.

Bob Flexner, one of the big names in the finishing business, wrote an article on 10/13 called "Flexner on Finishing: Storing Finish Materials" which featured, you guessed it, Bloxygen. He says "There are a number of methods to extend the shelf life of varnish, including: ...Displace oxygen in a container with an inert gas (by using Bloxygen, for example)."


FIVE STARS! for Bloxygen from Wood Magazine

The August 1998 issue features a RAVING review of Bloxygen. The review is based on their own shop testing and resulted in FIVE stars for performance, FIVE stars for value, and the 1998 Editors' Chioce Award. We couldn't agree more. According to Wood, "Bloxygen keeps finishes fresh and helps reduce waste. It's just the ticket..." See page 78 of issue 107.

Bloxygen was featured in Fine Woodworking magazine (issue #129, page 96). The

article, in the Tools and Materials section, contains an article written by Jeff Jewitt,

author and finishing expert. In the article, Mr. Jewitt says "The idea ... is quite simple"

and "[Bloxygen] performed well on oil-based products." As you could imagine, we're

pretty excited!

Our own testing continues and we are constantly looking for new samples or ideas.

Please contact IronWood Designs and we'll arrange a test for you. Here's a photo

of our current set of vials. One set is a "control" and hasn't had Bloxygen...the other

set has been "gassed."

Sail Magazine article.  Thank you to Sail Magazine and to boat maintenance legend Don Casey for the wonderful article in their November issue.  Don correctly notes that finishes damaged by oxygen or moisture are really questionable as the basic chemistry has changed.  Thanks for the review Don!

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