IronWood Designs started, really, in 1970 or so when my dad began teaching what he called "common sense." Any project that he did, from painting a mailbox to building a garage, meant that I would get good lessons and sound advice from his upbringing as Wisconsin farmer's son. If ever my father had a complaint about me, it was that I was not around enough to learn from him. He recognized, you see, the importance of these lessons and realized that we had little time to complete them all. Many years later my inherited urge to create and invent resulted in my own "design and consulting" business.

IronWood Designs has always been a home for unique ideas, methods, and products. From airbrushing to welding, we have the capability to combine physics, materials, and knowledge to form solutions. IronWood Designs specializes in vacuum veneering, prototype construction, computer and software tools, and engineering analysis.

In late 1996, I began experimenting with ways to prevent finishes from spoiling while stored. Focusing on the chemistry of the problem, I started working with inert gases. The result is Bloxygen, a smart, simple, and cost effective way to prevent wasted time or wasted finish.

Drop me a line to learn more. I'd love to hear from you.  If you have found a new use for Bloxygen, let me know.  If it's new to us, you get a free can (plus fame and fortune)!


Steven Zawalick, Owner

About Our Company

This is a picture of Steve's Dad and little Steve in 1966. He was two.

Our promise is simple.  If you are not happy, let's talk and we'll try our best to make it right.  We use only the finest components, the best gas, and the best technology we can deliver to provide you with an excellent product.  Everything is made in the USA with pride.